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We Will Change the Earth We Stand On

Striving for excellence

Our School Ethos:

Birkenhead High School Academy is a beacon of excellence in girls’ education with the highest of standards in attainment, attendance, punctuality, appearance and conduct.  We expect our girls to strive for excellence and to push themselves to improve, working with us to gain the qualifications which will enable them to fulfil themselves, to be and to achieve their very best.  In choosing BHSA, girls benefit from our strong traditional ethos whilst enjoying all sorts of enrichment – Duke of Edinburgh Award, sport, music, drama, arts and crafts, competitions and leadership opportunities, public speaking, debating, representation and responsibility, throughout their years with us.  The staffs of BHSA are committed, hard-working and inspirational and we expect our students to be committed and hardworking themselves, so that they develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes to become successful learners, confident and aspiring individuals, and responsible citizens.


  • A distinctive ethos built on a culture of high expectations, raising aspirations and the achievement of each pupil’s personal best – based on principles of access and inclusion and a commitment to add value to pupils with a range of talents;
  • Raising aspirations and standards through the all-through school model in which girls are given the opportunity to develop in a consistent environment dedicated to excellence from the youngest age;
  • Excellence – we are committed to maintaining excellence in teaching and learning. The aim is to imbue each year group with values and aspirations of excellence, and communicate highest standards and expectations;
  • Personal development – we are committed to fostering a lively spirit of enquiry and to developing individuals who are confident, competent and compassionate, responsive to their environment and to the concerns and needs of others;


  • Enrichment and enhancement – the pupils and staff will have access to the full range of enrichment that other GDST schools currently enjoy;
  • Capitalising on the all-through nature of the academy – through cross phase collaboration we seek to stretch all students and support them through peer work, enabling a nurturing environment through from 3-19 years;
  • Working with the local community and in partnership with local schools already a major element in the wider educational work of the GDST and its schools. We envisage delivering this through the Academy’s wrap-around care provision,extensive and diverse extra-curricular clubs programme, community service, Young Enterprise and Duke of Edinburgh Award schemes, gifted and talented and honours programmes, and master classes;
  • Drawing on support and best practice from the GDST family – including innovative career programmes to prepare students for higher education and the workplace, a wide range of cross-GDST sports competitions, the Minerva Network for alumnae, extensive staff training and development schedule, the provision of innovative educational leadership programmes and the challenge of detailed benchmarking across GDST schools;
  • A clear international dimension – in order to prepare pupils for life and work in the global economy an international dimension will underpin all aspects of the school’s curriculum and activities, linking with both the GDST’s extensive international programmes.
  • Music and mathematics specialisms – music and mathematics, and the cross-curricular links between them, are areas of particular strength for both the GDST and the school. The GDST envisages significant cross-GDST and cross-authority engagement and outreach work to extend this programme at the school and spread best practice more widely, especially at 16-19 in the teaching of music and mathematics.

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