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We Will Change the Earth We Stand On

Our Governors

BHSA is a state-funded academy for girls of all ability from the age of 3-19 years.  We are one of two academies within the family of Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) schools.  Our philosophy is to offer a distinctive educational experience to the young people in our school, within a broad, inclusive curriculum and a culture of high expectation.

It is the responsibility of the Principal and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to run the school day-to-day, but they are accountable to the Local Governing Body (LGB), of which I am Chair.  The LGB at BHSA plays a very active role in the school. We work with the Principal and SLT in ensuring that the objectives and philosophy of the school are met. Currently the LGB is made up of:


Governor                Responsibility

Cllr G Davies         Chair of Curriculum and Standards – Juniors/LGB Pool Member

Mrs V Emmitt        Support staff representative

Mrs R Farmer        Chair of Finance Committee/ Curriculum and Standards- Juniors

Mrs M Gaskell       Junior parent representative:  Finance/ Curriculum and Standards-Seniors

Ms A Hastings        Safeguarding/ Chair of Curriculum and Standards – Seniors

Mr N Lawrence       Senior parent representative: Support and Intervention/Finance/Curriculum and Standards- Seniors

Mrs C McKenna      Teaching staff representative

Mr J Rae                    School trips/Curriculum and Standards – Juniors

Mrs M Read              Curriculum and Standards – Juniors

Dr J Sneddon           Curriculum and Standards – Seniors

Legal and financial responsibility for BHSA lies with the Academy Trust Board (ATB), some of whose members are GDST trustees.  The ATB itself meets four times a year and delegates some of its functions to the LGB.  I am also a member of the ATB and, as such, am intricately involved in the legal and financial issues that affect the day to day running of the school too.

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