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We Will Change the Earth We Stand On


A warm “Hello and Welcome” to all BHS former pupils – alumnae – old girls (call us what you will!) and welcome to our part of the BHSA website where you can keep in touch and get involved with the activities/events of our group.

For over 100 years former pupils (under the name of BHSOGS) have been a constant element in the school’s distinguished history, supporting it and celebrating its achievements as women’s education developed enormously everywhere and enjoying its contacts with both staff and pupils in every generation over that period.

Since the turn of this century we have been supporting VI Form girls in their career paths by awarding up to £1,000 annually in our Centenary Fund Award and this continues, making a difference to the girls’ lives in a variety of ways.

Our membership exceeds 1,800 currently but is open (and free!) to all former pupils, so do encourage all your school friends to visit this section of the website and to become part of our community. To contact BHSOGS please email

Remember too that you can find us on Facebook as part of the GDST with its 60,000 members and that to visit their website opens up even more opportunities for your participation. No other school or group of schools can offer such a vast alumnae community and provide support and networking opportunities at many stages in life. To find out more go to or email and for Facebook

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