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Our curriculum provision here at BHSA Juniors is engaging, enriched and varied, and makes links to real life wherever possible. Our girls are encouraged to share their interests, link their learning to solve problems, raise questions and follow their own lines of enquiry, and are required to think for themselves. Each class teacher promotes working thematically through their daily Project eXplore lessons, and promotes core subject skill and drill work in phonics, arithmetic, spelling and handwriting in daily focused sessions. Presentational and communication standards, including public speaking, are practised regularly and are embedded within Project eXplore, skill and drill lessons and through our daily ‘Values’ assemblies.

Our school day model:

In our ‘Values’ assemblies we promote the qualities of being a good learner, a good friend and a good global citizen. These values are then supported and developed by class teachers in reflection time at the end of the day.

We want our girls to grow in confidence; grow in self-motivation and grow friendships that will last forever. We want our girls to flourish academically; flourish socially and flourish in their successes, aiming high and never giving up. We want our girls to think for themselves (be independent); think about making good decisions; think about ‘the consequences’ and think about others before themselves. We want our girls to be happy to be - content in their own skin; appreciating the good things in life and knowing how to have a healthy mind and a healthy body.

We have an incredible and dedicated staff team who work together to ensure our girls’ curriculum provision goes “above and beyond”. We have specialist teachers in music, PE and languages and our girls benefit from close links with the older girls in our school and from the specialist facilities on our very own doorstep including the library, theatre space, sports hall, DT and science labs and computer suite.