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Meet the Sixth Form Team

Becoming a member of the Head Girls Team was something we thought would never happen - and it almost did not due to Covid-19. However, at BHSA even the most unlikely aspirations happen and the impossible seems possible with the school’s help and support. Being able to be part of a team where we are all equal and striving to better not just ourselves but the environment around us, has been an incredible experience that we will never forget. As a team we have grown closely together enabling us to work effectively together and with others across the school.

Leading the Head Girl Team this year has been utterly unique and challenging with external factors affecting everyday school life. We have had to adapt and alter our approaches to make sure our voices are still heard throughout our school community. We have suddenly become experts in videography and creating virtual content. This has included countless videos to help spread information and our messages across the school. One of our biggest achievements was creating an assembly celebrating Black History Month, all while social distancing and virtually including members of the team that could not be present due to safety measures.

Another favourite of ours was still being able to welcome new Year 12s and Year 7s into BHSA. We were still able to utilise our speaking skills to provide speeches and demonstrations of Sixth form and school life at BHSA to these new pupils.

There is still a lot that we intend to achieve but we are already delighted and overjoyed with the progress we have made, in spite of the circumstances 2020 has thrust upon us. Adding to our ambitions to the future will include welcoming the next Year 12s into our community and hopefully leaving a legacy that will make our school and student body proud.

Beth, Bethan, Erin, Tegan, and Zoe – The Head Girl Team 2020/21