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Combined Cadet Force

The aims of the CCF are to develop the leadership skills of cadets by teaching them discipline, comradeship, good manners and technical subjects appropriate to their chosen sections. The CCF is not a recruiting machine for the armed forces or a 'mini-army', but a youth organisation with a sense of military discipline and pride. Cadets are not required to join any of Her Majesty’s Forces when they are older.

The Combined Cadet Force Contingent (CCF) at BHSA was formed in September 2018. The first parade was in January 2019. We currently have an Army section, affiliated with the Royal Army Medical Corps, and receive excellent support from our parent unit, 208 Field Hospital, Liverpool.

As the contingent expands, we hope to develop an RAF and Royal Navy section too.


The Core Values

Selfless Commitment





Respect for Others


Students must display these core values and show a commitment to the CCF and to developing their cadet skills from the outset. The CCF is voluntary, and as such we expect enthusiasm and dedication. We are not expecting perfection, just a willingness and determination to try.


The Contingent parades from 16:00 to 18:00 every Wednesday during term time. Cadets are expected to attend every parade, unless there is a very good reason for not doing so. Cadets wear the uniform of their parent service on parade day, which is issued free by the MOD. Additionally, there are two field days each year, when cadets are taken away from school to take part in activities relating to their service. There are other training events during the year at weekends.


How to Join

Students can enrol in the CCF after Easter in Year 8. At this point there is an information evening, giving students and parents an opportunity to explore what we offer. Students may join at any time up to Year 11.

Interested students spend the rest of the summer term being introduced to some of the basic skills needed and get a taste of what it will be like. If a student decides that they are still interested in joining the CCF and have demonstrated a promise of commitment, they will then be issued with a uniform after the summer holidays, will parade weekly and be invited to take part in all CCF activities.



All cadets are initially taught foot drill, ranks and badges, basic map-reading, basic first aid and how to fire a rifle. As they develop, they will move on to study army field tactics, such as attacking an enemy or fighting in built up areas, as well as training specific to our affiliated corps, the RAMC. There will also be opportunities for the most committed individuals to undertake leadership training and senior cadets can also apply to gain qualifications in various adventure training disciplines.

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Annual Camps

The Army section has a one week camp each year at an Army base in the UK. This camp is used to bring together all of the training of the year and is often the point where cadets will complete the particular phase of training they are at. This means the next academic year they are ready to move on to the next stage.


Any enquiries can be directed to the contingent commander at