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What Our Students Say

What our students have to say?

We think BHSA sixth form is the best around – but don’t just take our word for it! We asked our students to use three words to sum up our sixth form and some of the following were popular

  • Supportive
  • Friendly
  • Welcoming
  • Ambitious
  • Focused
  • Understanding
  • Happy

Each year we are proud to keep in touch with past pupils who have gone on to do some amazing things. This is what they think about their time at Birkenhead High School Academy.

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“Studying at BHSA has been an amazing opportunity of a lifetime. There is loads of support throughout the school from our form tutors to our subject teachers. I studied History A level and my teachers not only helped me to achieve my A grade through revision and encouragement but also helped me to prepare for studying History at university”

Biba Metcalfe – Studying History at Sheffield

"BHSA allows for the perfect balance between a tight-knit community and having the benefits of being part of something huge – the GDST network. It is really friendly, you are guaranteed to always say 'Hello' to someone you know anytime you are in the corridors or the common areas. What is probably best about BHSA is that there are a variety of events and opportunities that guarantee a smooth transition into university applications.”

Clara Maddox – Studying English Literature – Nottingham Trent

I was new to BHSA – I only started in year 12 and was naturally a little anxious about how I would fit in and if I would make friends. When I look back now I made some of the best friends anyone could have. I enjoyed my time at BHSA because I made progress academically and socially”

Lily Smith – studying History – Queen Mary’s

“My time at BHSA was really special, small class sizes meant that my teachers really knew me and understood what I needed to improve. I was continuously supported and pushed to beat my targets and the result was an amazing set A level grades. My teachers were great, loved them. Nice atmosphere and I could talk to them about anything whether it be about work or any personal problems. I studied Politics, History and English and genuinely looked forward to lessons”

Kelsey Salisbury – studying History – Liverpool University

“There is lots about sixth form that is new and scary – things such as UCAS, applying for student finance and deciding what university to apply for. The best thing about BHSA is that there are experts on hand to support you through the process. That scary task was less intimidating because of the support at BHSA”

Casey O Quigley – Chester University

“I studied Politics, Sociology and English and really enjoyed BHSA. It sounds really cheesy but school fulfilled my hunger to learn and the staff supported every decision I made. I couldn’t be where I am today without the foundation they gave me!”

Alex Gibson – Politics – Chester University

We have lots of systems in place in school to make sure we listen to our students, from school council meetings to our GDST app Rungway that helps put us in contact with students across the whole GDST network. We have our own Instagram account @BHSAsixthform which allows for informal opinion gathering and polls. What you say is important to us! If you have any comments of further questions or comments please get in touch!