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Who's Who


Mrs R Mahony French & German Principal
Mrs K Costello English Vice Principal
Mrs G Saccheri English Assistant Vice Principal
Mr J Cartledge Geography & Citizenship Assistant Vice Principal
Mrs L Owen Finance Director of Finance and Operations


Mr G Austin Mathematics & Computer Science Progress Leader Y10
Miss C Bills English  
Mr A Cassidy English Head of Faculty - Communications
Mrs A Chalmers Music  
Mrs D Crawford Religious Studies Head of Faculty - Humanities & Head of RS                        
Mrs J Davis Music Head of Faculty - Arts
Miss L Dalzell Biology  
Mr P de Middelaer       Physics Head of Faculty - Science
Miss H Delaney             Spanish & French Progress Leader Y8
Miss M Edwards PE & Dance  
Mr K Ferguson              Mathematics Second in Mathematics 
Ms S Forshaw English  
Mr A Friel Mathematics & Computing  
Miss H Gallagher Design Technology Progress Leader Y9
Mrs J Godfrey English       
Mrs R Godwin                   Physical Education Professional Mentor & Head of PE 
Mrs A Grealis Religious Education  
Mr J Green Mathematics  
Mr A Haslam Mathematics & Law  
Mr R Hennessy Physics  
Mr S Holleley History & Politics  
Mr N Howard Chemistry  
Mr M Lammin Music  
Miss Karran-Antrobus Mathematics  
Mrs S Kelly Social Science  
Miss E Kirkby PE  
Mr M Mak English  
Mrs H McCarthy Business Studies & IT Head of Sixth Form
Miss P Mooney Art Head of Art
Ms H Murphy Spanish & French Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms K Murphy History

Head of History & Head of Information,

Advice & Guidance

Dr B Nelson Biology

Second in Science 

Mrs P Perry Biology & Science  
Mrs K Pinnington History & Drama        
Mr S Rickers English Second in English
Mrs A Rigby French & German  
Mr A Rymer Mathematics Head of Faculty - Maths & Computing
Mrs S Sadler Maths  
Miss J Sand Chemistry  
Mrs F Shannon               Psychology Head of Social Science 
Mrs S Sillitoe Drama Head of Drama
Ms J Sleeman Art  
Miss C Stones English Progress Leader Y11
Mrs C Tilley Drama & Theatre Studies  
Mr D Wakefield Design & Technology  Head of D&T/Progress Leader Y7
Mrs C Walker Geography  
Miss K Wilson English  
Mr M Wilson Geography Head of Geography
Mrs A Winter Maths  


Mrs M Ramsbottom             Numeracy Head of Junior School
Mrs C Smith 1S Assistant Head (EYFS & KS1)
Mrs C Tidman 3T Assistant Head (KS2)


Mrs T Greer Nursery
Mrs C Barnes Rec B
Miss L Kimpton Rec K
Mrs C Smith 1S
Mrs K Edwardson 1EB
Mrs E Buckley 1EB
Mrs C Wheatley 2W
Mrs D Boyd 2B
Mrs C Tidman 3T
Miss J Leeman 3LC
Miss A Crosby 3LC
Mrs H Crosby 4EC
Mrs L Edwards  4EC
Miss F Miller 4M
Mrs H Kingsley 5K
Mr S Rathe 5R
Mrs P Moss 6M
Mrs C Bailey 6BP
Mrs A Peers


Mrs H Tarver Music Teacher
Miss N Capes

Music Teacher


Inclusion Team Leader Miss G Morris
SENDCO (Juniors and Seniors) Miss R Kennerley
Learning Mentor Miss L Barton
Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss A Crosby

  Mrs S Kellett
  Mrs D McEwan
  Mrs L Moran
Teaching Assistants Mrs E Camden
  Miss E Cullender
  Ms L Clarkson
  Mrs S Houghton
  Mrs S Kearney
  Miss M Mazumder
  Mrs K Nelson
  Mrs A Popper
  Mrs M Ryan
  Mrs D Vaughan
Teaching Assistant/Learning Mentor Mrs N Chesters

Support teams

Principal’s PA Miss J Campion
Academy Information Systems Manager Mrs P Cruickshank
Exams Officer Mrs L Kelly
ICT Operation Manager Mr S Smith 
Admissions & Transfers Administrator Mrs V Emmitt
Staff Support Administrator / Front of House Assistant Mrs S Hayes
Attendance Officer Miss R Lang
Learning Resource Centre Manager Mrs Y Doran
School Business Manager Mrs K Jones
Finance Officer Mrs H Gibson
Finance Assistant Mrs P Severgnini
Admin Assistants Mrs S Williams 
  Mrs S Collinson
Lifeguard & PE Support Mrs E Stewart
Technicians Mrs J Hale (Science)
Reprographics Mrs H McKenna
Caretakers/Premises/Lettings Mr B Langton
  Mr P Jones
  Mr S Laing
  Mr S Youds
  Mr T Perry
Catering Mr M Allanson
  Ms R Allen
  Ms M Chu
  Mrs J Danby
  Mrs L Gibson
  Ms C Gorey
  Ms K Hough
  Ms J Lewis
  Ms L Pritchard
  Ms J Norman
  Ms M Talman
Cleaners Ms S Anthony
  Mrs V Dixon (and catering)
  Mrs J Edwards
  Ms C Green
  Ms J Grogan (and catering)
  Ms A Harland
  Mrs C Lee
  Ms B Martinez
  Ms C Robinson
  Ms J Short
  Ms J Throssell
Midday Assistants Mrs  Awan
  Mrs  Bradley
  Mrs  Goulding
  Mrs  James
  Miss  Mort
  Mrs Liang
  Mrs Hough
  Mrs  Ziane