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27th January - STEM Careers Fair

BHSA careers department are excited to announce that we will be hosting a STEM careers fair on 27th January during the school day. Having meaningful interactions with local and national employers has been proven to raise aspirations, help with next step plans and above all be really empowering for young people. We have invited a range of local employers as well as national and international companies spanning all areas of the STEM sector. In addition to this we have invited a range of FE providers and universities to support STEM further study options. The employers have been expertly chosen by one of our science teachers, Dr Hyder Wright.

To ensure that your daughter / ward maximises the benefit of the encounter we recommend that you do some research on the companies attending. We have made a Google site to share the information which can be located  in addition we would like to encourage all students to think of some questions that they may like to ask employers and to bring a note pad with them to record answers.

Students will visit the fair at staggered intervals throughout the day and will spend approximately 20 - 30 mins with employers.