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Parental Controls on Mobile Phones

Whilst you may have security measures in place at home to restrict access to websites with inappropriate content on your home Wi-Fi network, you may not have thought to do the same on your daughter/wards mobile phone.  If it is 3G/4G enabled, it will be able to access the internet directly, bypassing your Wi-Fi security settings.

By law, all mobile phone providers offer free parental control services which limit the content children can access via the mobile network. These restrictions are not the same across all providers, but they are all able to offer some level of control. In addition, these services are not necessarily switched on by default. If you would like to know more about these controls, please contact your service provider and ask if the parental control settings are switched on. This is particularly important if the phone was used by an adult before.

The links below will give additional information on how to switch on Parental Controls on each network. Please also note that this will not restrict what they can access on your home Wi-Fi network which will require a similar set-up with your broadband provider.


If you wish to turn on security settings on another network not listed above or on your home Wi-Fi please contact your mobile phone or broadband provider.