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At BHSA, children are taught with a validated scheme of phonics from the Essential Letters and Sounds programme. This is taught throughout EYFS and Key Stage 1 through the delivery of whole class high-quality first teaching and daily structured lesson plans. This gives our children a Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) Programme which is designed to teach children how to read through the act of decoding and blending. A SSP teaches children the link between the sounds of our language (phonemes) and the written representation of these sounds (graphemes), or the spellings of the sounds contained within the English language.  

Children are encouraged to read regularly at home to build confidence. The children each have a fully phonetically decodable book that they take home daily to support their learning of phonics. Re-reading is key to developing fluency and understanding of the text. Children’s progress is carefully monitored and tracked throughout their learning. Short, snappy intervention will take place to ensure that any gaps are quickly filled.  

Our phonics programme teaches children the knowledge and skills to read quickly through consistently structured lessons, use of resources and language. We aim to optimise our children’s ability to read successfully at an early age. We also endeavour to promote a love of reading through many high-quality texts used across our curriculum.